Toyota invented Hybrid engines.  For many years Hybrid communication has focussed on rational benefits and has never truly connected with people emotionally.  In 2014 we launched a long term initiative to emotionalise Toyota Hybrid.  This is the most integrated campaign that Toyota have ever done and here is only a fraction of the work produced.

The campaign is based on the insight that drivers have fallen out of love with driving due to today’s stressful driving conditions.  The provocation in the TV is that by driving a Toyota Hybrid people can actually fall in love with driving again.

To back up what may be felt to be an incredible claim we actually went out and proved this in an experiment on the streets of Rome.

But still we know that there are many misconceptions about Hybrid so we created a range of content to dispel these Myths.  The first of these punctures the widely held view that you have to plug a hybrid in to charge it.

Or that they are hard to drive …


After this initial launch we dramatised how driving an Auris Hybrid will make you feel – no matter what the driving conditions are