Katy’s Project was a hugely ambitious international campaign.  The simple idea was to give T-Mobile customers from across Europe the opportunity to help make the video for Katy Perry’s single “Firework”.

Initially Katy issued an invitation to all of the markets to take part in the project.  This was followed by each market choosing their own mechanics to recruit their customers to take part in the video.

The video shoot then took place in Budapest with 250 T-Mobile customers from 8 markets across Europe.

This film documents the story of the making of the Firework video and specifically highlights the backstory of some of the T-Mobile customers who participated in the process of creating the video.


This was the official video for Firework the 2nd single from Katy Perry’s best selling 2nd album.  The video was a true creative collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchi, EMI and Katy herself, and was made with the help of T-Mobile customers from across Europe.  With over 190m views globally this is the most viewed ever piece of advertiser funded content.